Rock Poetry

Last night in London 

I enter my hotel bedroom, the room is quite nice,
two beds, thick carpet, a fridge full of ice;
open my case and put things there,
go into the bathroom and brush back my hair.
I take off my boots, and lie on the bed,
puff up the pillow to support my tired head.
Turn on the 'box', the colours too bright,
ring this girl up to fix things tonight;
lay back and start thinking, What's missing in life;
is it a family, a home and a wife?
I'm envied my freedom I protect it with greed,
but somewhere inside there's more that I need.
My love for my daughter, the love for my son,
I have so much affection for most everyone.
Is it feelings of guilt, I abandoned my home,
do I punish myself by being so alone?
One day soon I shall try once again,
respecting the family, forgetting the pain;
I have chosen my partner though she's still unaware,
although once or twice I've caught her glazed stare,
and yet I suspect it's a fantasy game,
for surely forever I'll be just the same.

I'm envied my freedom
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