Rock Poetry

Rock of ages 

With hair unkempt and skin clad frame, clutching an axe of flint; he waded on through mud and dirt, cursing his gods again.

With a thankful sigh he hurried on, seeing his cave was near. A longing for the warmth her body would bring, and with it freedom of fear.

Many thousand years later he still hurried on, marching his way back from war. He'd fought the crusade for God and king John, and now the crusade had been won.

How would she be since these five years apart? He longed for her smell and her touch. Had the memory of him remained in her heart, she really had loved him so much.

Five hundred years later returning to earth from a dangerous mission to mars, so alone he could feel the conception of birth. The silence......the beauty.....the stars.

Although he joked with mission control, his mind was muddled with pain. He still longed for his wife and child for sure, but was never the same man again.

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